Amazon Publishing announced plans to launch Topple Books, a new imprint to be overseen by the award-winning filmmaker, writer and LGBTQ activist Jill Soloway. The new imprint will highlight the creative works of women of color, gender non-conforming, and queer writers.

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A noted social activist and winner of Emmy and Golden Globe awards for the Amazon-produced TV shows Transparent and I Love Dick, Soloway has been named editor-in-chief of Topple Books. First books are due out in 2019.

Soloway said the new Amazon Publishing imprint will specialize in stories designed to drive discussion and social change about sexuality and gender. Soloway is part of the #TimesUp and #5050by2020 campaigns to challenge sexual misconduct and gender discrimination.

“We live in a complicated, messy world where every day we have to proactively re-center our own experiences by challenging privilege,” she said in a statement. “With Topple Books we’re looking for those undeniably compelling essential voices so often not heard.”

Topple Books is named after Soloway’s production company and will be a part of Amazon Publishing’s literary imprint Little A publishing imprint. Topple Books, Amazon said, will focus on narrative nonfiction and fiction from emerging and established authors.

Amazon Publishing publisher Mikyla Bruder said, “Amazon Publishing and Little A are committed to publishing books from a diverse array of writers that inspire, connect and entertain. We look forward to sharing the voices and stories that Jill discovers with readers.”